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 Tales of the Wanderer:


Welcome to the tales of the Wanderer:  An ongoing Fan Fiction project in many parts.

Tales of the Wanderer is the stoy of Micheal Thunders, a superhero who has been torn from the life he knew and is forced to wander from universe to universe.  His constant companion on this journey is FRED, an artificial intelligence mounted in his vehicle that is also his only way home.  If he can ever find it again.

Books of the Wanderer:

Book One:  Wandering Moon: 

In which Micheal finds himself dealing with someone he thought long dead.

Book Two: Wandering Aces

In which The Wanderer finds himself a bit farther afield than expected:

>>Comming in 2002-2003<<

Book Three:Nerima Wandering

In which the Wanderer finds himself stuck in Trouble Central! Can the Wanderer survive?

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